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The CAET has the following  Five Departments


1.      Department of Farm Machinery & Power (FMP)

2.      Department of Agricultural Process Engineering (APE)

3.      Department of Renewable Energy & Rural Engineering (RE & RE)

4.      Department of Soil & Water Engineering (SWE)

5.      Department of Agricultural Engineering Extension Education (AEE)


 Department of Agricultural Process Engineering


Goals of the Department:

         To train and provide the required technical manpower in the field of Agricultural Process & Food Engineering suitable for research and education, extension, government agencies, private industries, agro-industries, NGO, etc.

         To assist farmers in reduction in of post harvest losses, value addition through farm level processing; latest know how about the post harvest technology of cereals, pulses, spices, fruits & vegetables; establishments of agro processing center at village level etc.

         To conduct research in the areas of Agricultural Process engineering.


 The department is offering 41 credit hours course work at B. Tech Agricultural Engineering level. Department is also offering Post Graduates course leading to M. Tech degree with specialization in Agricultural Process & Food Engineering for both fresh as well as in-service candidates.

  APE 900     Dimensional Analysis and Similitude   

APE 901       Research Methodology                           

APE 902      Mechanical Measurements              

 APE 903     Optimization And System Analysis in  Agricultural    Engineering   

APE 920      Advanced Fluid Mechanics

APE 921      Heat Transfer in Process Engineering 

APE 922      Mass Transfer in Biological Materials 

APE 923      Transport Processes   

APE 924      Food Thermodynamics                   

APE 925      Engineering Properties of Biological Materials 

APE 926      Agricultural Rheology 

APE 940      Drying and Dehydration

APE 941      Advanced Farm Structures             

APE 942      Principles of Packaging

APE 960      Food Process Engineering  I

APE 961      Food Process Engineering  II

APE 963      Environmental Control in Agricultural Processing

APE 962      Process Instrumentation and  Controls 

APE 964      Harvest and Post Harvest Machinery 

APE 965      Milling of Food and Feed  

                   Special Problems (Thesis work)

APE 999     Seminar                                      


 The important areas of their research works are (i) engineering properties of biological materials (ii) drying & dehydration of fruits & vegetables, (iii) processing of oilseeds (iv) process technology development (v) storage (vi) machine development(vii) energy auditing and modeling. The total number of B. Tech & M. Tech dissertation / thesis submitted since 1988 to 2002 on different aspects of agricultural processing are 48 and 11 respectively.

Latest instruments facility for research:

Spectro photometer.

Vacuum packaging machine

Texture analyzer.

Humidity chamber

 Thrust Areas:

   Development of on farm post harvest technology for mango and sapota including the aspects like post harvest handling, precooling, packaging and processing, etc.

   Development of process technology for RTS products from the fruits like mango, sapota and banana.

   Development of energy efficient technology and machinery for the dehydration of vegetables.

   Development of post harvest equipments for farm level cleaning, grading, processing and packaging of different agricultural commodities.

   Establishment of quality analysis laboratory for the raw and processed agricultural products for enhancing the export.

   Preparation of bio fuel from Jetropha.


    Research projects are undertaken

1.  Design and development of spice cleaner cum grader.

2.  Design and development of grader for sapota.

3.  Studies on drying of Red Chillies.

4.  Extraction of oil from cumin.

5.  Preparation of dry product from onion.

6. Studies on pretreatments for loosing of seed coat of  pigeonpea  grains.

7.  Studies on rheological properties of custard apple.

8.  Design and development of forced air onion storage.

9.  Development of technology for production of peanut butter.

10. Development of process for Kesar mango powder.

11. Studies on making fuel briquettes from groundnut shell.

12. Shrinkage behaviour of onion slice during dehydration.

13. Preparation of onion for the production of pickle.

Industry Institution interaction

Industries people are coming to department to interact with  the latest technology in respect to post harvest technology of oilseeds, fruits and vegetables as and when they required

 Successfully establishment an Agro Processing Centre at place : FARENI, Dist: Rajkot and TADAKA PIPALIYA, Dist : Junagadh. . The centres are managed by the farmers'  cooperative societies.


  • The technical staff actively participates in the training Programmes for the farmers, in farmers fair and related other Programmes organized by the Sardar Smruti Kendra, Gujarat Agricultural University, Junagadh. Time to time the special training Programmes on post harvest processing, handling, marketing and their management were organized for the farmers and extension officers and entrepreneurs in the field of Agricultural Process & Food Engineering.  Every year large numbers of state level extension workers, rural women and farmers, industries personnel  are visiting the department and getting know how about the latest technology related to post harvest etc.   

Major Facilities:

      -         Improved Laboratory facilities

        -         Computerized facilities for the measurement of texturalproperties

            of food materials.

        -         Computer and internet facilities

         -         Well-equipped Electrical Engineering Laboratory.

        -         Well-equipped Bio-chemical laboratory.

        -         Facilities available for Packaging of Food Material,

        -         Colour measurement devices,

         -         Improved Storage structure etc.

        -          A small workshop facilities under post harvest technology

      -         AICRP on post harvest technology project is running under the




Faculty Profile:







Department of Soil & Water Engineering

Professor & Head,

Department of Soil And Water Engineering,

College of Agricultural Engineering And Technology,

Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh-362001

(O) : 0285 2672080-90 Ext. 391  Fax .: 0285 2671018

(R) : 0285 2676195


Goals of the Department:

             To develop technical manpower in the filed of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Irrigation & Drainage Engineering,  and Natural Resources  Management to match the requirements for education, research works, extension and execution  by governments, corporate sectors and NGOs.

             To conduct the research on water management technologies.

             To create platform of water management technology for farmers.

             To organize the agricultural fairs, exhibitions, demonstrations, seminars, workshop, short term trainings.

   Major Achievements 

  •              Taught Soil & Water Engineering courses as per UG norms to  15 batches of  UG students  during their degree programme and 5 batches of P.G. students. 
  •               Developed laboratories for UG and PG subject practical work.

                 Developed Instructional Farm   for  UG and PG research experiments,  departmental research work as well as for demonstrating the advanced technologies for farmers.

  •              Successfully competed three ICAR adhoc projects on irrigation water management.

  •              Successfully executed one NWDPR project

  •              Made ten research recommendations in the Research Council of our   University  


The department is offering is also offering the following Post Graduates course leading to M. Tech degree with specialization in Soil and Water Engineering. 

Dimensional Analysis and Similitude   


Research Methodology                  


Mechanical Measurements           


Optimization and System Analysis in Agricultural Engineering


Advanced Fluid Mechanics


Soil Engineering       


Flow Through Porous Media




Advanced Soil Mechanics and Earthen Dams


Soil and Water Engineering


Ground  Water  Engineering


Open  Channel Hydraulics 


Farm Irrigation Systems Design


Farm Drainage Systems Design 


Rainfall Runoff Modeling   


Hydrology and Mechanics of Erosion 


Land Development Engineering  


Advanced Structures for Soil & Water Conservation


Advances in Drainage Research


Advanced Agricultural Hydrology  


Command Area Development  


Irrigation Water Management  


Water Resources Planning and Management


Advances in Agricultural Engineering  


Special Problem 





(i)  Projects under Thrust/Emerging areas 

1)       National Watershed Development Project for Rain fed Areas

2)       Studies On Techno-Economic Feasibility Of Drip Irrigation For Summer Groundnut Crop And Its Comparision With Micro Sprinkler And Border Irrigation.

3)       Proposal For Watershed Research

4)       Water Management Model For Groundnut Based Cropping System

5) Determination Of The Relationships Between Wetted Root Zone Of Plant, Soil Properties And The Discharge For Optimum Design And Operation Of Irrigation System. 

(ii)  Research and development projects 

1)       National watershed development project for rain fed areas

2)       Studies on techno-economic feasibility of drip irrigation for summer groundnut crop and its comparison with micro sprinkler and border irrigation.

3)       Proposal for watershed research

4)       Water management model for groundnut based cropping system

5)       Determination of the relationships between wetted root zone of plant, soil  properties and the discharge for optimum design and operation of irrigation system. 

(iii) Sponsored Research projects 

1)       National watershed development project for rain fed areas sponsored by Govt. of Gujarat

2)       Studies on techno-economic feasibility of drip irrigation for summer groundnut crop and its comparison with micro sprinkler and border irrigation sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi

3)       Proposal for watershed research sponsored by Govt. of Gujarat

4)       Water management model for groundnut based cropping system sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi

5) Determination of the relationships between wetted root zone of plant, soil  properties and the discharge for optimum design and operation of irrigation system sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi 

Latest instruments facility for research: 

Pressure bomb apparatus

Automatic porometer

Automatic porometer

Thrust Areas: 

         Various in situ water harvesting techniques for different watershed conditions.

         Open and bore well recharging techniques.

         Percolation tanks

         Roof water harvesting

         Techniques for reducing evaporation from the storages.

         Techniques for reducing the evaporation from bare soil and cropped land.

         Efficient use of stored water using advanced techniques of water applications through different techniques.

         Advanced irrigation water management strategies e. g. different irrigation practices to obtain maximum economic return per unit of stored water.

         Breeding such  crop varieties, which requires less water to mature per unit area.

         Techniques to reduce transpiration without affecting crop yield.

         Planning for interlinking of rivers (inter basin water transfer).

         GIS applications for water resources assessment and development.

         Use of saline water for crop production.

         Greenhouse technique in water scarce area. 

Industry Institution interaction 

Through GAU SATKRU, faculties are continuously in interaction with agro sectors on irrigation systems, green house technology, rain water harvesting, land management & development engineering 


Extension Programmes, including training programmes for engineers for industries. The department has extension programme with filed engineers working in NGO, government and corporate sectors. 

Faculty Profile:



Department of Renewable Energy & Renewable Energy


The Department of Renewable Energy and Rural Engineering located at the College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, GAU, Junagadh was started in the year 1996, which was earlier known as Agril. Engineering and Rural Engineering Department. The main aim of the department is “ to strength the Agricultural Engineering Faculty by carrying out teaching, research and extension activities in the areas of Renewable Energy, Rural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Basic Sciences & Humanities. 


The faculty of the department is mainly engaged in teaching of UG and PG courses under B.Tech. (Ag. Engg.) and M.Tech. (Ag. Engg.) programme. In UG, out of 174 Credit hours about 48 credit hours being taught by the department faculty in different semesters. Apart from lectures and practicals courses under major areas of work, several courses like  Seminar-II, Viva-Voce examinations and study tour are also being offered by the senior faculty of the department. 

The department is also offering  PG programme in  two disciplines (i) Renewable Energy Management  and (ii) Rural Engineering. Besides major courses of 15 credit hours, the department also offers allied courses relevant to Mathematics and English.  

Course list for M.Tech. study in Renewable Energy Management  discipline are listed below.  

The faculties of the department are engaged in the following areas in UG & PG teaching. 

Renewable Energy

         Solar Thermal Energy

         Biomass Gasification

         Biogas Technology

         Wind Energy

         Solar Photovoltaic Technology

         Solar Passive Architecture

         Greenhouse Technology 

Rural Engineering

         Rural Environmental Engineering 

Civil Engineering

         Surveying & Levelling

         Strength of Materials

         Building Materials, Costing and Structural Design 

Basic Science & Humanities





UG Dissertations

The following UG project dissertations being supervised by the senior faculty of the department during different years since 1990-91.  

1.                   Performance study of a solar cooker cum water heater.

2.                   Analytical study for utilization of campus sewage for irrigation.

3.                   Performance of a downdraft gasifier using biomass briquette.

4.                   Techno-economics of briquetting unit-A case  study.

5.                   Analytical study on quality control of drinking water.

6.                   Performance evaluation of thermo-syphonic type solar water heating system.

7.                   Evaluation of castor cake for biogas production and design of a suitable plant.

8.                   Design and development of low cost bati oven for rural people.

9.                   Design & development of RCC bin (silo) of   ton capacity .

10.               Performance evaluation of solar air heater.

11.               Comparative cost and performance od solar and electrical dryer for coriander grains

12.               Studies on solar dehydration of vegetables.

13.               Solarization of soil: Development of soil temperature prediction model.

14.               Design optimization and performance prediction of earth heat exchanger

15.               Studies on bio-batteries

16.               Development of solar fish dryer

17.               Thermal analysis of greenhouse attached with earth tube heat exchanger

18.               Design and development of beehive for batter honey flow.

19.               Developments of mathematical models on soil solarization in greenhouse. 

PG Projects:

The following PG projects being carried out under the guidance of senior faculty of the department 

1.                  Studies on extraction of essential oil from cumin

2.                  Studies on dehydration of onion

3.                  Design and development of biomass based dryer for chillies

4.                  Development of process for kesar mango powder

5.                  Studies on biomass gasification  


Senior faculty of the department is also engaged in the research activities. The following research projects being conducted under the department. 

1. AICRP on use of Plastics in Agriculture (ICAR). Plan year project started from year  2004-05 

2. Sponsored research projects (completed) 

Title:   Soil Solarization for Nursery Raising ( ICAR Adhoc Project) (2000-2003)   

PI:             Dr. PM.Chauhan,                CO-PI: Dr. I.U.Dhruj

Budget:            Rs. 7,16,560.00           

3. Departmental Projects: (AGRESCO Projects) (continue) 

    (a)    Title:            Development and performance evaluation of solar still.

               PI:            Dr. P.N.Sarsavadia 

   (b)     Title:            Energy efficient greenhouse cooling methods

               PI:       Dr. P.M.Chauhan 


1.  Extension Sponsored Project:           

Title:  Establishment of Renewable Energy Park (MNES Sponsored Project)

Budget:  Rs. 3,97,500 

2.       Delivering lectures under Training & Visit Programme : Delivering of lectures on Renewable Energy and Rural Engineering aspects to the trainees, visitors and delegates in various trainings, visits, seminar/symposium.

3.       Radio talk, TV programmes

4.       Display of  Renewable Energy appliances/equipments in Agril. fairs and demonstrations.

5.       Organizing the seminars, workshops, trainings for teachers/scientists. 


            A number of research papers, popular articles (in Gujarati and English) have been published in the international and national journals, Gujarati farmer magazines and extension reports by the faculty of the department. 


The faculty of the department is actively engaged in other academic activities for the overall development of the college.

            1.  Student hostel activities as Rector    (Dr. P.N.sarsavadia)

2.                  Student Counselling (Dr. P.M.Chauhan)

3.                  Academic convener UG and PG (Prof. H.J.Vyas)

4.                  NSS activities as NSS officer (Prof. M.R.Choksi)

5.                  Cultural, college magazine and student counseling service, Asst. rector in girls student hostel.  (Ms. S.K.Mandavia)

6.                  Student advisorship

7.                  Games incharge in various games

8.                  Computer application promotion in students. 


Sr. No

Name of Facuty/Staff



Area of work

































Dr. P.N.Sarsavadia

M.Tech. Ph.D. (DAV, Indore)



Dr. P.M.Chauhan

M.Tech. (IITKGP), Ph.D.(IITD)






Prof. N.K.Bhoot

M.Tech. (CAET, Udaipur)


Prof. H.K.Saxena

M.Tech. (Ju, Calcutta)



Prof. M.R.Choksi

M.Sc. (SU, Rajkot)


Prof. H.J.Vyas

M.Sc. (GU, Ahmedabad)


Prof. N.K.Mistry

M.Sc. (MSU, Vadodara)


Ms. S.K.Mandavia

M.A. (GU, Ahmedabad)


Mr. J.V.Bhuva

Mr. M.J.Gojiya

Mr. K.V.Vala


Mr. A.C.Maru

Professor & Head



Assoc. Prof.






Asst. Prof.



Assoc. Prof.




Asst. Prof.


Asst. Prof.



Asst. Prof.





Tech. Asst.

Tech. Asst.

Tech. Asst.


Lab. Asst

Renewable Energy



Renewable Energy





Renewable Energy


Civil Engg.















Agril Engineer

Agril Engineer

Agril Engineer




Solar Drying-Crop Drying Characteristics, Mathematical modeling  of solar drying, Solar air/water heating systems, Energy Conservation


Mathematical modeling of solar themal energy applications, Greenhouse technology, solar drying, Solar thermal energy storage, Soil solarization, Earth air heat exchanger


Integrated Rural Energy Planning, Biomass gasification, Biogas technology.

Rural Environmental Engg.


Surveying & Levelling, Strength of Materials,Building Materials, Costing and Structural Design.


Chemistry, Alternative fuels


Physics, Thin films, Solar Photovoltaic



Mathematics, Applications of mathematics in energy systems.





Biogas, Biomass, soil solarization  labs

Civil Engg. Lab

Solar Labs






Department of Farm Machinery & Power


Department of Farm Machinery and Power

College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology

Gujarat Agricultural University

Junagadh-362 001 (Gujarat State)

 Phone & Fax : (O)  0285-2671018; 0285-2672080 to 2672090 Ext.390

  (R)  0285-2670602 (Head)

Goals of the Department: 

         To train and provide the required technical manpower in the field of Farm Machinery and Power suitable for research and education, extension, government agencies, private industries, agro-industries, NGO, etc.

         To assist farmers in reduction in cost of cultivation through efficient utilization of improved farm implements and machinery, ultimately help the farmers to increase their earnings.

         To organize the seminar, workshop, exhibitions; short term training to farmers and extension workers/officers in the area of Farm Machinery and Power. 


The department is offering 37credit hours course work at UG (B. Tech Agricultural Engineering) level and 34 credit hours at Post Graduates course leading to M. Tech degree with specialization in Farm Machinery & Power for both fresh as well as in-service candidates. The following are the courses offered at PG level. 


Course name

Credit hours


Dimensional Analysis and Similitude



Mechanical Measurements



Advance strength of Materials



Safety Engineering



Ergonomic Principal and Practices



Farm Machinery Design and Production



Harvest and Post Harvest Machinery



Advanced Fluid Transport Machinery



Research Methodology



Optimization and system Analysis in Agricultural Engineering



Soil Engineering



Tractor Design and Analysis



Soil-Plant-Machine Dynamics



Land Development Engineering



Agricultural Equipments Testing and Evaluation






Thrust Areas 

   Development of efficient machinery for cultivation of groundnut including various operations like primary and secondary tillage operations to harvesting and salvaging.

         Development of suitable harvesting machinery for cotton crop.

   Design and development efficient and economic seed drills and planters suitable to our region.

   Ergonomic approach in the design / modification of Agricultural equipments.

   To introduce tractor cab for improving efficiency, safety and comfort of the operator.

   Development infrastructure facilities for animal energy research.           

Research projects are undertaken 

(1)    Design and development of low cost manually operated (Bicycle drawn ) rural transporter

(2)    Design and development of multipurpose tool / implement for groundnut cultivation for small tractor ( Mitsubishi 18.5 H.P.)

(3)    Design and development of tractor operated plant puller for cotton castor and pigeon pea crop

(4)  ICAR Adhoc scheme entitled “ Anthropometric survey and ergonomic studies of Agricultural workers of Gujarat state for safe and efficient design of Agricultural equipments.” 

Industry Institution interaction 

Industrial people are coming to the department to interact the latest technology developed in the department. 


The technical staff actively participates in the training Programmes for the farmers, in farmers fair and related other Programmes organized by the Sardar Smruti Kendra, Gujarat Agricultural University, Junagadh. Time to time the special training Programmes on Farm Machinery were organized for the farmers and extension officers and entrepreneurs. Every year large numbers of state level extension workers, rural women and farmers, industries personnel  are visiting the department and getting know how about the latest technology related to post harvest etc.   

Major Facilities: 

    -       The department has the following  laboratories


Farm Power

Plant Protection Equipment

Tillage & Traction

Farm Machinery

Tractor Shop

I.C. Engine

Refrigeration & A.C.

Mechanical Engg.

 -          HMT-3511 Tractor (35 H.P.)

-          Morgan Oxylog II

-          Milling m/c with accessories

-          The control of central workshop is also under the department. This includes

            Fitting shop

            Smithy shop

            Welding shop

            Painting shop


            Machine shop 


Faculty Profile:




Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.

College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Gujarat Agricultural University, Junagadh-362001, Gujarat, India.
Phone: +91-285-2671018; Fax: +91-285-2671018; Email:
WEBSITE architect : Dr. P.M.Chauhan, Associate Professor;